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hashtable1.Add(timestr, contentstr); //请添加多个hashtable key value对
foreach (string key in hashtable1.Keys)
    textBox1.AppendText(hashtable1[key]); //foreach输出为乱序




ArrayList akeys=new ArrayList(ht.Keys);
akeys.Sort(); //按字母顺序进行排序
 for(string skey in akeys)
   Console.Write(skey + ":");


public class Test {  
    public static void main(String[] args) { 
        Map<String,Integer> hashtable = new LinkedHashMap<String,Integer>(); 
        hashtable.put( "One", new Integer(1) );
        hashtable.put( "Two", new Integer(2) );
        hashtable.put( "Three", new Integer(3) );
        hashtable.put("four", new Integer(4));



Dictionary<string,string> dict = new Dictionary<string,string>();
dict.Add(timestr, contentstr);
foreach (string key in dict.Keys)


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